Aweful Kanawful

The image and sound of Aweful Kanawful is a fun interpretation of what goes on in front-man Austin's mind; a grand experiment with more than desirable results. It's a circus, it's a party, it's a collaboration, it's sure to get the crowd excited and moving. Reach out to book them for your event or Bar Mitzvah TODAY!

Check out their latest release, and music videos here:



Hardwood are a free-wheelin’, fun-lovin’, no-shits-given comedy band from Rochester, NY. After playing with the likes of Trailer Park Boys, David Liebe Hart of Tim and Eric, and Turquoise Jeep, Hardwood has the experience to back up their extensive sex and poop jokes. They are available for comedy shows, music gigs, bachelorette parties, regular parties, bar-mitzvah’s, quincenera’s, you name it.